How ML and AI are Changing the Business

A perspective of Teedee's Core Developers and their Inspiration

Vaibhav Dubey

Trainee Backend Developer

The Field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is Growing Fast and so are its needs , in various sectors of Industry from Private to Public . It is all due to the inevitable benefits that it is providing to its users , the mere experience it is providing to users is intriguing , take the example of Alexa , its nothing but a speaker whose major role was supposedly to play songs , but some tweeks of AI here and there has made Alexa of what it is today , A whole different product .

This is what is Inspiring to people like us , working day and night to Achieve various goals , of which the major Goal being , “Enhanced User Experience ” , and this is being made possible for our customers with the help of Teedee .

In Teedee we have not only hard coded a chatbot with certain intents and made a project , but with Neural networks we have made Teedee , very Close to an actual human being , It is cable of doing a variety of things for its Customers and intends to enhance our very Primary Objective as previously stated , “User Experience”

When Categorised , surely it is to be put under the “ChatBot” column , a mere project that does some work , when given an input and provides necessary output , but when it is used it’s definitely something more , something so complex , yet very simple to understand , all because of the efforts of our experts of ML and AI

Many Businesses are either using or planning to use artificial intelligence for virtual assistance. Business Websites deploy chatbots for various uses. The most important vertical is customer service. Many aren't convinced of the thought of consumers speak with a machine because it might pack up at some point, but there's potential in machine driven assistance with human-driven customer service.

For example. In a case of airline queries, a man-made intelligence application often wants to answer simple questions just like the status of a flight, alternative flights, timings etc. Human agents can focus on more complex problems. Chatbots are being used very effectively by marketers to communicate with their potential buyers in a very interactive way. Even in the Gaming Industry , enhanced user experience is possible with unpredictable moves AI Bots deployed in game , these all just goes to show how amazing and advanced ML and AI have made these various Industry.

Chatbots and virtual assistance can play a significant role in how customers are interacting with technology. We strongly believe that in next decade virtual assistants could become a core a part of our lives and more companies are getting to use this to require their customer service to the next level