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How AI-Powered Chatbots Help Your Business Grow Even When You Are SLEEPING!

Find out how Conversational AI chatbots can help accelerate your business.

by Vaishnavi Eache Dec. 27, 2020, 5:01 p.m.

Businesses have become a real-time experience, where they have to deal with a relentless stream of messages and communications.

In this super competitive and fast paced world, getting your brand on the top position is one of the greatest challenges for a business, and you are bound to look for easier ways to seize the attention of your customers; and what’s better than deploying a strong AI-powered bot do it for you?

What is an AI-powered chatbot exactly? Let us explain you. 

Chatbots are human like technology powered by an Artificial Intelligence leveraged to automate your customer support over a conversational interface. They are specifically designed to simulate human conversation and provide service and engage users to upgrade the user experience. The benefits of using conversational AI-powered chatbots for your business organization are never-ending but let us understand some of the key advantages. 

Once you chatbots integrate chatbots into your website, you can scale your customer support by talking to millions of users at a single time and responding to each one of them with the highest efficiency. 


Your chatbot can be the one stop-shop for all the problems your business might be facing – scheduling appointments, handling queries and storing all the customer details in your database, even if you choose to sign-off and SLEEP! 

With AI chatbots, you can:

·       Provide excellent customer service round the clock

·       Save time, money and efforts and let the bots do the repetitive tasks

·       Answer any number of clients at the same time

·       Make the appointment booking process hassle-free

·       Provides real-time responses to frequently asked employee questions

·       Process data faster than ever before and make strategic decisions

All of the above aid your business in one way or another.


Customer support is a never-ending task. It is what helps you maintain good relations with your customers post the completion of purchase. Having excellent customer support is essential for every business. But it consumes a lot of time and resources, a lot of times, customers are left on hold when they need the most help.

A chatbot will ensure such a situation never arises as it is present at your customers' service 24*7*365!


With the help of a chatbot you can make the feedback experience conversational and smooth sailing. A creative, personalized chatbot significantly increases the chances of a customer giving the feedback instead of skipping this step.

It makes life easier for your website visitors and saves your business time and resources because your FAQ page answers all the recurring and repetitive questions instead of your team.


By now, you're well aware that getting yourself a chatbot can drive your online business to exceptional efficiency levels. It can also help your team achieve operational excellence! Chatbots backed with AI technology are continually learning from all the information they receive. Hence, you'll get yourself a system that keeps upgrading itself without human supervision and extra resources.

According to a report by Business Insider, 80% of businesses plan to incorporate chatbots into their systems. Having said that, building the right chatbot for your website can be a tricky task. Before you rush into the decision of building a bot, there are a few things you should understand. Your bot is going to talk to your CUSTOMERS which are HUMANS, and therefore, it is critical for you to craft your bot’s personality accordingly. 


Almost 48% of users online prefer a bot with a personality which is tailored according to their needs and wants, and thus, before building a bot for your website, we recommend that you understand your target audience, identify their major pain points, and then dive into the process of automating your customer support. 

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these customizable AI chatbots, you are in the right place! TeeDee offers you a chance to build smart, conversational and AI-powered custom bots without any coding and enables your Sales, Marketing & Customer Care teams to create delightful and tailored user experiences.


Vaishnavi Eache
Trainee UX Designer

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