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Why Choose TeeDee

Reasons, why you should choose TeeDee, one of the best chatbots out there

by Vaibhav Dubey Dec. 25, 2020, 2:04 p.m.

Teedee is the brainchild of Botonomics Automation and is our initiative to provide customers with this best in class product to make their life simple and easy and enable them to run their website on autopilot with very less amount of manual work involved.

By using Teedee chatbots you will never worry about converting and increasing your website’s worth to twice than it was before, but you would ask us there are many other chatbot providers , so why Teedee , well let's understand this with a situation :

Understanding the Impact of Teedee

Let's think of a situation , where you own a clothing store and it's the first day of your sales and the customers are starting to flood in , they come in , and start checking the outfits at display , start getting interested and want to know more about the clothing and explore a bit more of your shop , the best they can find in it , and there you are at the cash counter , smiling and waiting for the customer to come in with the clothes they want to buy and start billing them.
But in turn the customer is confused and wants help to go through more options at the store and then decide what they want to buy , in this scenario what you really need is an employee , a salesperson who engages with the customer , takes his/her interests and provides them what they want , someone who answers their questions when they are in doubt , someone who guides them , takes their feedback about your shop and also ensures they do come back to visit again . Here the shop is your Website , the customers are the users that are surfing the net and come across your website , you are the owner waiting for users to buy your products, and the salesman converting your site visitors into potential Customers is Our ChatBot Teedee ;-)

Advantages of Teedee

Teedee ensures that your site is actually converting visitors into customers by engaging with customers by answering their queries (FAQ Bot ) , taking their Feedbacks (Feedback Teedee bot ) and ensuring to keep in Touch with you (Lead Generation Bot) , thus providing so many services bundled into our friendly Companion , Teedee :)

It is proven that adding a live chat Chatbot can score up to 92 percent on customer satisfaction. Think about what Teedee can do? Teedee can foster the prospect coming from the already running marketing campaign, without adding a new landing page or a copy. Not only that, but it also helps you understand your prospects better, segmenting your audience and thus providing you with a chance to educate yourself and your marketing teams accordingly.

Additional Benefits of Teedee

  • 24 x 7 interaction is possible with existing and potential customers.
  • All the information is not possible to display on homepage, chat-bot becomes your guide to assist you to the service or product you need.
  • Feedback can be taken to know the strengths and weakness of your Business / Websites.
  • The doubts of customers can be solved on the spot by using FAQ's in an interactive way.
  • Engagements can be converted to deals.
  • To cope up with the market competition chat-bots can play an essential role.

Best Bot for a Reason

Teedee aims at providing you with the best of bots and with a UI , so simple , that you won’t need a “Website Expert ” to understand or assist you with it . It is very simple to create your bot and deploy it on your website. If you have any doubt , our developers are just a mail away and always available.

Vaibhav Dubey
Trainee Backend Developer

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