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AI Chatbots and Their Uses

Read more about AI chatbots, their applications and their uses in this blog.

by Vedant Chikhale July 30, 2021, 2:05 p.m.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amongst the top rapidly evolving technologies. It is largely taking control over almost all spheres of our life. AI has remarkably established its mark in any and every industry and domain. Undoubtedly, AI technology is helping humans simplify their lives in all possible ways. Technology is playing a front role in leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With the change in technology and the involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our day-to-day lives, things have become more dynamic. The machines trained to exhibit AI, as the name suggests, are capable of learning, reasoning, and inculcating improvising by self. This involves the information as the inputs, and its processing, to obtain a better and more efficient result.

With the significant increase in data diversity, processing speed, and size, demand for AI has grown tremendously. The technology is competent enough to carry out various tasks involving pattern recognition from data to generate valuable insights for businesses. Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the AI-Based system trained for performing a single narrow task. Most of the machines currently work on Narrow AI. Chatbots and virtual assistants are all based on machine intelligence with natural language processing capabilities (NLPC). These are the exclusive AI-based solutions available today. 

By recognizing human speech, these machines are trained to converse with human beings using a natural and personalized way. AI is all set to reform the world. Within a few years, we will be able to see transformations across various segments. And these transformations would be at such a huge scale that we might not have even imagined them.

Transportation: The transportation industry would be impacted immensely. Within a decade or so, we would be able to see autonomous cars on roads.

Healthcare: In health care, AI can now help manage and analyze data, make decisions, and conduct conversations, so it is destined to change clinicians' roles and everyday practices drastically.

Education: AI can automate the expedition of administrative duties for teachers and academic institutions. Educators spend a lot of time on grading exams, assessing homework, and providing valuable responses to their students. With the advent of chatbots, education industry can leverage AI to automate the grading tasks where multiple tests are involved.

Media: Through techniques such as image recognition and speech-to-text transcription, metadata tagging is the most widespread application of AI so far.

Customer Service: Artificial intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to augment and replace human agents – with the primary goals of improving the customer experience and reducing human customer service costs.

As technology continues to evolve, the day is not far when AI will surpass the intelligence of the brightest mind on the globe. While there is no exact answer for how long this technology will continue to advance, it seems obvious that chatbots will become an essential part of our lives. We would be using it without even realizing it.

Consumers expect 24*7 chatbot support:
Chatbots do not work in shifts, and thus they provide 24*7 customer support as there is no end of service period for the working of these chatbots.

Response time speeds up by 3x:
Time is money, and the time saved is money converted. Chatbots are most effective when it comes to quick responses, which saves time and impresses the customers with this attractive and quick response system.

Increase sales:
Lead generation is one of the main aims of any business, and chatbots have proven to be a very effective way of converting leads and increasing sales through their varied services.

Improves customer support facility:
Chatbots help reduce time and bring efficiency in solving customer's queries.

About TeeDee

TeeDee helps build affordable AI-enabled chatbots so that small businesses and start-ups can leverage the power of AI. TeeDee offers a holistic customer journey using a chatbot in your website to help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care teams. 

Our services include Feedbacks, Lead Generation, Support, FAQs, Surveys, Appointment Booking, Live Chat, custom make, and various integrations and plugins like Email, Slack, Webhooks, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Whatsapp, etc.

Vedant Chikhale
Business Development Manager

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