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A Quick Guide to Discord

What is Discord? How is it used? Is it worth it? Read to find out!

by Shivangi Arora June 1, 2021, 10:15 a.m.

You must have heard how everyone has been saying lately that Discord is the new “sexy” for all the gamers out there. We would rather say all kinds of people can use Discord to hang out and have fun or work or just kill time.
From work meetings to booze sessions to having a Karaoke night, Discord is being used by millennials and GenZ extensively. And why not! It is such a cool place to connect with your friends and family.
Be that as it may, we have had many people asking us for Discord ideas and tips in the past few days. If you are also new to the platform, here is a quick guide for you to get things started:

Server-ing Around
Once you have installed Discord and created an account, the first thing you would see is a Server. A Server is basically a community where you can work or chill with your friends. Every Server has a text channel and a voice channel. As the name suggests, a Text channel is where you can chat with people and exchange messages, while a Voice channel is where you can talk over video or voice.
You can either join your friends’ Server or create one for your own self (which is pretty easy). And the next time you have to brainstorm with your colleagues over a campaign or have to play Ludo with your friends, all you would have to do is join the voice channel on your Discord server, and you are good to go!
You can create several channels in your Discord server. Let’s say you are a group of college students solving case studies on Discord. You obviously wouldn’t want to spam your work chat with random memes now, would you? And thus, Discord provides you an option of having different channels for different categories.
You can also check out Discord NITRO for an enhanced Discord experience. Discord NITRO accelerates your gaming time with a wide variety of features like custom Discord number tag, animated avatars, and Server boosts for your favorite servers, which means better audio and video quality.

Discord Bots

Discord also offers you a wide range of bots to pep up your Discord Experience. You can use these bots for music, play games, and much more. To add a bot to your Server, you first have to find the bot online. Once you choose the bot you want, the process is fairly straightforward. You simply invite that bot to the Server you want it in (make sure you are logged in onto your Server).

Sharing Screen on Discord
Your Server’s Voice channel also gives you an option of sharing your screen with other members. Not just that, Discord allows up to ten people (temporarily raised to fifty) to share the screen simultaneously. Isn’t this a cool way of working!?
To share your screen on Discord, you simply have to click on the option of Go Live on your voice channel. However, you can only share your screen when you on your desktop; the mobile app doesn’t allow you to share your screen, even though you can watch other people’s live streams.  

Discord and Slack are pretty much alike when it comes to the kind of services they offer. Discord is more popular amongst the gaming community as gamers leverage it to stream their play and connect with fellow gamers. Slack, on the other hand, is designed for working professionals to brainstorm and share ideas.
However, there are a few plus points that Discord offers. If you are running low on the budget, Discord is your app! Discord offers free unlimited messages to its users across all the plans. Another reason you may want to Discord because it gives you the feature of sharing screen and collaborating, while Slack doesn’t provide screen sharing in its free version.

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