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Why Should You Scale Your Personalized Marketing Strategy in 2021?

Learn how Personalized Marketing has evolved with AI and ML.

by Shivangi Arora May 10, 2021, 9:30 a.m.

The world of marketing is evolving exponentially with every passing day. People are impatient and looking for new ways to consume information. Their preferences are driving from the traditional strategies marketers used in the past. With so much coming at us from screens of all sizes, this news should not astound us.

It is in this age people are no more willing to invest time or energy into knowing new things. Several businesses offering similar services have left businesses to wonder – how can we wow our potential customers? One thing this implies is that brand must try to understand their customers thoroughly while creating content. How to make them happy? Personalization is just the right way to go about it!

Personalization capitalizes on customer data. It shows individualized offers and customized product recommendations to your audience based on their past choices, location, or any other behavioral information.

There are many ways you can personalize the content on your website. The cutting-edge technology (Web Content Management Platforms) and the way data is managed have made personalization very smooth and efficient.

More and more brands have started tailoring their content according to their customers’ preferences, which has led to improved customer experience, as the customers spend less time scrolling and making spontaneous purchases. Personalized promotions offer consumers an increasingly authentic experience, which in turn triggers positive emotions.

This shift has been made possible majorly because of the latest breakthroughs in marketing technology, with AI and ML becoming increasingly integrated to deliver customized opportunities to brands.

With the advent of these technologies, account-based marketing (ABM) and personalization have become more versatile and scalable than ever. Today, even a small start-up can run a comprehensive ABM function, serving the biggest potential client base. The tech stack available to companies today allow to target their key accounts and/or contacts (and re-target) and personalize their advertisements to address pain points directly.

One of the best examples of the brands that have absolutely nailed personalized marketing is Netflix. Think of the algorithms that Netflix deploys for its recommendation engine – this engine serves its audience with absolutely accurate content suggestions and an amazing, personalized experience. This is the sort of hyper-personalized marketing you should aspire for your brand.

If done right, it will bring higher engagement, more customers, a larger pipeline and larger account wins.   


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Shivangi Arora
Marketing Intern

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