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Learn how online human interactions can be easier using various types of chatbots

by Vedant Chikhale Aug. 6, 2021, 2:01 p.m.

Customer satisfaction, being the first and foremost aim of any business, cannot be compromised upon repetitive support by the agents. Thus, lesser effective the support is, lesser satisfied will the customers be. There comes in the role of a service called chatbots, which acts as a responder instead of a live agent and provides an all-time support to the customers by engaging with them whenever needed. Also many businesses and organizations are keen to invest and develop in this field.

Chatbots, as the name suggests are robots, or can be described as computer programs given the ability to chat based on the input they receive. Using a chatbot is as simple as having a conversation with it, and it will respond to you within a very short span of time frame. Based on the usage, it can be programmed for various task to be performed. Chatbots currently are being used by a number of chat apps, which includes Facebook Messenger, smartphone's text messaging app, and most others. Not only restricted to this, but also various private niches are now using these services such as health and fitness giants, real estate users, restaurants and many more.

Types of chatbots :

1. Button Based Chatbots -

A button based chatbot is a simpler form of a service that is designed through a pre-defined scenario tree/cases. It usually gives the user an option to select anyone of the buttons provided.

For example: Hey! Im here to help you out, please press the relevant button: X, Y, Z…”

The development of this chatbot does not require any Artificial Intelligence and takes minimal time and resources. Generally, such bots are comparatively easy to create. A button-based bot is ideal for surveys, sales support, etc.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Chatbots - 

AI is the major principle of auto-learning and automating complex communications, covering mainly the possible queries. The AI based chatbot project usually needs a high and noticeable investment for the creation of a bot. An AI bot project should be developed, managed and implemented by professionals with strong conversational AI competence, as it requires a lot of learning.

Categories of Chatbots:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Chatbot:

Customers often have queries about the product or services they are interested in buying in, and you can provide the answers to these FAQ’s in a much easier and faster way by using a FAQ Chatbot.  FAQ chatbots are designed specifically to help resolve the basic queries by the customers and helps them in interaction by directing customers to the right website pages and provide answers easily any time of the day. 

Feedback chatbot:

Feedback is meant as the heartbeat that pumps change across companies and domains. Feedback chatbots are used as an efficient substitute over many other paper based feedback forms and some overseen online links which ought to provide an effective feedback to the respective niche. Feedback chatbot does this task in a much presentable and interactive manner by engaging with the customer for a genuine feedback. 69% of customers opt for communicating with chatbots for simpler and faster support queries.

Lead Generation chatbot:

Lead generation chatbots are designed to identify the possible potential customers, initiate their interest into products or services offered by the business and engage with them. These chatbots use a conversational approach to collect the client information and offer them product and service information in return. The most challenging part of converting a site visitor into a viable prospect is keeping them engaged with your brand. The Lead Generation bot exactly aims at this by the relative collection of the information of these potential clients.

Survey chatbot:

Collecting a detailed feedback from a large crowd isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Basically, you are stuck with the fact that you have to manually call people to get any useful information whatsoever.

Survey chatbots are thus very helpful in this situation where the good part is that you can send them out to as many email addresses you can get your hands on. And the survey would be successfully done within a matter of clicks.

Support chatbot:

Technical support is possibly a major area of concern for most businesses, as it involves relatively high support from the staff. Moreover, the technical issues that customers faces tend to be repetitive in nature. Solution to this repetitiveness of support by the staff can be made more efficient by delegating IT support tasks to online Support chatbots. Also, Bots don’t mind working night shifts.

Where can I use these chatbots?

Chatbots are used in a variety of fields today, ranging right from online entertainment to education and to business. These bots can tell you about the weather, while others may guide you about their products, and some merely prove as a friend to talk to. The usage of this service is not only restricted here, but also many businesses are using it for customer services.

Today, there are many businesses developing their own chatbots to assist customers with online shopping, thereby helping in the business growth. For instance, the customers instead of going to company's website and searching through results to find what you want, you can simply ask a chatbot to recommend a certain choice.

With chatbots emerging in every niche, we see where things are heading to the future. The evolution for businesses and brands is certainly taking a next leap and moving forward. Soon, chatbots will be advanced to such a level that it will be analyzing by itself new parameters and be able to opt for a more accurate response becoming more realistic.

So, it is right to say that the number and use of chatbots in the markets is not about to decline. The visuals predict that the potential for long-term gains are huge and the race has already started. What are you waiting for?

About TeeDee

TeeDee helps build affordable AI-enabled chatbots so that small businesses and start-ups can leverage the power of AI. TeeDee offers a holistic customer journey using a chatbot in your website to help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care teams. 

Our services include Feedbacks, Lead Generation, Support, FAQs, Surveys, Appointment Booking, Live Chat, custom make, and various integrations and plugins like Email, Slack, Webhooks, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Whatsapp, etc.

Vedant Chikhale
Business Development Manager

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