How to Boost up your Sales post Lockdown by TeeDee

This blog helps you build a strategy to boost the sales in your online business.

Saumitra Jagdale

Created: June 22, 2020 - Updated: June 22, 2020

This Pandemic state due to COVID-19 has defined the biggest global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. In this situation the whole world is mourning except for those who think out of the box. As Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

This COVID-19 crisis has brought all of us in a state of quarantine. This lockdown has created physical barriers but still everyone is connected digitally because of the internet. This creates an opportunity for businesses to shift online and hold a grip on the market.For those businesses which will make sales and adapt digitally will outlive, while others will collapse.

The Online Sales Competition

As the businesses will shift online, it will lead to competition for online sales. This competition can only be dealt with a well planned strategy i.e by focusing on digital marketing and by standing out from other business websites.

Digital Marketing can only increase the visitors on your website, but what really matters are the customers who actually buy your products and contribute to your sales. Your visitors can only become your customers if you engage them properly.

But is it enough?
To achieve that, you can read more about “How to convert visitors into customers?” on our blog.

Chatbot : Your Multitasking Salesperson

Let's start by defining a “Salesperson”:

Salesperson: Sales Representative is the one who sells products or services to your potential consumers, by explaining how a product works or what services are available, provide sales materials such as brochures or pamphlets, create sales leads and follow up with new customers.

Can a chatbot really be a salesperson?
In addition to that it can also perform tasks of a:

  • Receptionist: By collecting and storing details of your customers.

  • Statistician: By providing you statistics by data visualisations and numbers.

  • Analyst: By analysing the engagements and conversations to provide insights.

  • Support Person: By providing technical support during technical problems.

What TeeDee provides you ?

The products TeeDee provides you to cover all the features and duties of your multitasking salesperson to enhance your online business are:

  • Feedback Chatbot

  • Lead Generation Chatbot

  • Support Chatbot

  • Statistics of Engagements

Summing up

It's our responsibility to enhance your website for proper engagements. Our Chatbots will ensure to convert your visitors into customers and will keep your present customers happy and satisfied.To boost up your sales, use our chatbots at the best price available and thereby ace this sales competition post lockdown.