Customizing Your TeeDee

TeeDee provides you a wide range of features to play around and customize your bot. Here are some of them you should know:

Formatting The Chatbot View

Let’s say you have built a Feedback Chatbot Service for your website and want to change the template. Following are the three options available:

  • Emojis : This view allows your customers to provide feedback by using a range of emojis.

  • Stars :This is the most extensively used template when it comes to a feedback chatbot. Your customers can rank you via stars on the basis of your product’s or service’s quality.

  • Slider :The Slider view lets your customers simply slide the bar and rate you website and your service.


Customer Information

Teedee also allows to ask for relevant customer information from your customers that includes the following:

  • Username & Email

  • Contact Number

  • Textual Feedback


Colouring TeeDee

You can also play around with the colouring scheme of your bot.

There is range of colours we offer:

  • Red

  • Green

  • Magenta

  • Blue

  • Default Teedee Color

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