Create FAQ ChatBot

This documentation will guide you to create a FAQ Chatbot for your website. Make sure you have created Project in your dashboard. Learn more how to create project?

Click Make New Bot Button

There will be "+ Make New Bot" button (blue in colour) in the top right corner of your dashboard screen. Click this button, then a pop-up window appears which will give you the list of options available for creating the type of Bots that you want. In this case you have to choose FAQ Bot.

Select FAQ Bot

The pop-up window appeared contains list of available types of Bots in the Tiles Format with radio buttons for selection. Select the FAQ Bot. Click "Create Chatbot" button (blue in color) in the top right corner of the pop-up window after selecting FAQ Bot. "Select Project" pop-up window opens for the selection of the project.

Select Project

The pop-up window opened contains the list of the projects created by you in the form of dropdown list. Select the project from the list in which you want to embed this FAQ Bot. Click "Submit" button in the bottom left of the pop-up window. A confirmation pop-up window appears asking "Are you sure ?". Click the "Submit" button to confirm.