Why Does Your Website Need a Feedback Service?

The entire foundation of your business stands on good customer feedback as customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business. The customers identify the values and flaws of your business and convey them to you through this feedback, and you accordingly make changes in your processes to keep growing and providing a better customer experience?

What are the different ways for you to get this feedback?

Let me guess! I am sure you are going to say surveys, emails, and social media? Ugh! Too traditional. Too boring.


Trust me when I say this people dread long surveys, and why not! Who has the time to write a review or fill a 30-min long form in today’s such busy lives? Do you?

No right? Thought so.

Then what could be done in this case? What can be an engaging and more efficient way to collect customer feedback?

Enter Artificial Intelligence!

According to a report by Salesforce , 69% of customers prefer communicating with a brand using chatbots. Chatbots offer you a structured and simpler way of collecting customer feedback. One reason being, with chatbots, you can offer your customers a more personalized way of conveying what they like and what they don’t.

Furthermore, chatbots can be your one-stop shop for all kinds of feedback. You would not have to rely on multiple places to know what your customers are talking about.

Chatbots, unlike humans, work 24*7 and can provide live data when it comes to complaints and inefficiencies, and thus, you can monitor your performance constantly. You would have better clarity about which features of your product are delivering value while which ones need improvement.

How to create a Feedback Bot with TeeDee?

Don’t know where to start from? TeeDee has a vast range of features for you to customize your Feedback Service according to your users.

Here is a small guide for you to get started (make sure you have signed in and created a project for yourself on the dashboard):

Click on "+ Make New Bot” on the top right corner of your dashboard screen. This will give you a list of different types of chatbots Service available to you.


Select Feedback Bot.

Click on “Create Chatbot Service”. On doing that, you will get a list of all the websites created by you.


Select the project from the list in which you want to embed the Feedback Bot and submit.