Automate Customer Support with FAQ Chatbot Service

Every user that visits your website wants to have a delightful customer experience. If they do not get the answers to their query in 10 seconds, there is a high chance they will leave your website without taking an action.


How to avoid this?

Pretty simple…

It would help if you had an FAQ chatbot service on your website. This will automatically accelerate your user experience and thus revenue by delivering what the customers want. Unlike your human support, your FAQ chatbot service can automatically answer all the boring and repetitive questions 24*7 without getting late or annoyed. Furthermore, it can help you get accurate metrics and data and get smarter with every conversation.

How to create a Lead Generation Bot with TeeDee?

Don’t know where to start from? TeeDee has a vast range of features for you to customize your Lead Generation Chatbot according to your users

You can customize your FAQ chatbot service, whichever you want. Let's say you are a cool e-commerce business that sells quirky t-shirts to millennials, this will need you to craft your chatbot's personality to appeal to millennials and GenZ.

How to do that?

Follow these simple steps.

Make sure you have signed in and created a website for yourself on the dashboard on TeeDee.

Click on "+ Make New Bot” on the top right corner of your dashboard screen. This will give you a list of different types of chatbots services available to you.


Select FAQ Bot.

Click on “Create Chatbot service”. On doing that, you will get a list of all the websites created by you.


Select the website from the list in which you want to embed the FAQ Bot and submit.