Read how AI is empowering e-commerce companies to offer a seamless customer experience to their customers.

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The Entire Customer Journey

From giving recommendations to capturing safe and secure feedback, offer a seamless customer experience to all your clients.

According to a survey conducted by Audience, MyClever, and Drift, to understand why it is important for e-commerce companies to leverage robust chatbots in their marketing strategy, they found out almost 34% of e-commerce users find it challenging to navigate through sites and get answers to the simplest of questions. This makes it essential for marketers to evaluate the potential of chatbots in their business.

All of it, at first, feels a little complicated. What does Conversational Marketing even have to do with your brand image? Would it be a good idea for you to integrate AI-powered Chatbots into your e-commerce website? If yes, what is the way to go about it? To include chatbots in your marketing strategy, it is important to understand the search intent while drafting the content that explicitly answers searchers’ questions. Users want nothing more than instant gratification, and Conversational Marketing helps them with just that. 



Before getting started, you need to be crystal clear of the expectations you have from the chatbot. Ask yourself questions like: Where do I want my chatbot? What all queries would it be answering? Do I want an option for live chat? How will the chatbot supplement my overall marketing strategy?

Always remember your chatbot is going to talk to real people. And hence, you must build a chatbot that is not dry and dull and rather more humanlike. Make sure you incorporate basic things like a welcome message, main menu, a CTA for conversion, a buy button etc.

It is important to understand that customers come in all shapes and sizes. When you customize your chatbot’s dashboard, think like a customer and include all the necessary elements that make your customer’s buying process easier and speedier.

Asking for customer feedback with respect to the functionality of your conversational chatbot, design, flow of the conversation, responses is also necessary for e-commerce companies to streamline their marketing processes.


Design a conversational approach for you to maintain a seamless flow of services and pitch your products to customers more efficiently.

Provide real-time answers to the your customers’ queries, and thus accelerates your customer service.

Help you improve customer loyalty and retention rate by customizing your e-commerce website chatbot the right way.

Help you capture honest customer feedback, reviews and overall customer satisfaction rate.


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