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Chatbots have completely transformed the way students interact with educational institutions. Read how!

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Be it interactive learning, capturing feedback, or providing students with immediate assistance and support, chatbots have increased the efficiency of the education industry by multifold.

The education industry was comparatively a bit slower in adopting and introducing virtual assistants into their business models. However, ever since chatbots have made their way into the industry, more and more educational institutions recognize the endless number of benefits of chatbots in keeping the students engaged and providing them with a top-notch campus experience.

According to a report by Mobile Marketer, 40 percent of millennials engage with a bot on a daily basis. And thus, chatbots can act as a game-changer in the education industry if implemented right as they give students and institutions a chance to explore more things and options using the latest technological breakthroughs.



The first step in creating a bot is always to identify your audience's pain points. It could be administrative support or teachers' support - find out what your students need help with and feed your bot with that information!?

Filling forms and manually doing all the paperwork could be a very tedious task for both students and teachers. Let your bot handle that! Automating the paperwork (admission and administrative) process is a great way to accelerate the experience of your students and faculty.

The chatbot is going to speak to actual people. Humanize it! Craft your chatbot’s personality in a way that aligns well with your core values and mission so that students get to see what your institution is all about

Despite how trendy AI and its application have been lately, there could be some people in your institution, who wouldn’t know so much about how to interact with a bot. Educate these people about how the chatbot works and how it could make their lives simpler.


Provide 24*7*365 assistance for your students and professors regarding everything from information on the courses and faculties to the direction to the canteen.

Help your students with scheduling and reminders of their lectures, assignments and exams using AI.

Act as a platform where students can actively collaborate with other students and teachers and ask questions and exchange knowledge and solve their queries.

Help both students and teachers with smart surveys and anonymous feedback for them to identify their areas of improvement and get better.


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