The Future of Chatbots in the

Human Resource Management

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Using AI to Empower

Human Resource Management

Here is how deploying a chatbot in an organization’s human resource processes can increase the employee productivity by leaps and bounds.

Most organizations have had a chance of leveraging chatbots to offer customers a seamless user experience, but what most of us don’t understand is that having a seamless process for internal communication is also equally important. This is where HR chatbots, also known as employee assistants, come into the picture. Employee chatbots and natural language processing technology are the next big thing in Human Resources Management and offer companies new opportunities to enhance employee engagement and automate HR key processes.

Why should companies consider having an employee assistant solution? The answer is pretty simple. Like a good chatbot can answer almost 80% of customers’ queries, an HR chatbot can effectively answer most of the employee questions. Not just that, an internal chatbot is also a great way to display your company’s values and work culture to your employees, enhance the onboarding experience, improve the productivity of employees, and much more.



To build an employee assistant, the first step is to identify what is inefficient or wrong in the company’s processes; and to figure out how launching an HR chatbot would solve these issues and help each employee individually and save their time.

The next important thing while building an HR chatbot is to understand what exactly you want to achieve using the bot. Do you want it to collect the records of each employee? Do you want the bot to tell employees about your company values or do you want it to capture anonymous feedback for people in the company!?

Personalizing the chatbot is a good way to make the employees feel valued in the company. But at the same time, avoid using fancy words and empty promises to dazzle your employees. Ensure that you keep your chatbot’s language simple and conversational in order to have a better connect with the employees.

Companies can also use the HR chatbot for its recruitment requirements. This sends a message to the potential employees that the organization is technology oriented. However, while using the chatbot for onboarding tasks, make sure you are concise and creative.


Help you with a smooth onboarding and training experience for each employee by automating and streamlining these processes via our AI-powered conversational chatbot.

Increase employee productivity by enabling workflow creation to execute processes speedy FAQ answers and doing other repetitive tasks.

Provide 24*7 assistance to the employees and a quick access to all the important company data; automate attendance and timesheet reporting and help with the remote working landscape.

Communicate company values to employees, help employees collaborate in a more efficient and effective way, and boosts employee engagement in the company.


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