How NGOs Can Scale

Their Services Using Chatbots

It is time to automate the user journey on you NGO’s website using digital assistants to empower as much people as you can.

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Using AI to Empower

Non-governmental Organizations

Here is how NGOs can leverage Conversational Chatbots to digitize their user journey.

Chatbots have stormed in and impacted almost every industry, and Non-governmental Organizations are no different. NGOs have not hesitated in embracing the latest cut-throat digital marketing tools. They are leveraging the power of virtual assistants for various purposes like accelerating their services, reaching out to more people, simplifying the process of accessing information, and much more.

Via chatbots, it becomes easy for NGOs to facilitate people with the correct information and empower them to make the right choices and decisions. Chatbots can also help NGOs and NPOs promote their vision and mission, communicate news and information on all the relevant topics, assist the labor class in what they do, and expand their reach through features like multilingual messaging and 24*7 assistance. Not just that, chatbots can also help NGOs in steering the conversation with people and encouraging them to donate for social causes.



Your chatbot is going to be your brand mascot. So, ensure that its personality aligns with your needs and values so that people can connect with it emotionally.

It is important to make sure that your bot can answer your website visitors' queries and educate them around all the relevant topics.

Identifying repetitive questions and tasks and automating them can help you and your chatbot save a lot of time and respond to the messages faster.

Make your chatbot as human as possible. Avoid using jargon and use words that are similar to what your target audience uses.


Offer round the clock help and assistance to your website visitors on healthcare programs, social and economic causes, news, donation etc.

Simplify the process of information browsing by helping the website users navigate for data, and answering all the commonly asked questions.

Deliver top-notch quality and the right information to people around all the latest happenings around the world and topics like mental health, sanitation and much more.

Provide support to anyone in need and reduce the time to reach out to them.


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