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Read how AI is empowering Travel companies to offer a seamless customer experience to their customers.

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Travel Experiences

Enhance your travel website's user experience with customizable AI-powered chatbots.

Remember the days when going on a trip felt like hours of planning and booking? Aren’t we all glad things are not the same anymore!? According to Forbes, the travel and tourism industry grew more than any other industry in 2018 and added $8.8 trillion to the world’s GDP. But what made all this possible? Let us look at things in detail.

In the past few years, Digitization has transformed the way people travel. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the travel industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Virtual assistants like chatbots and voice search have made the travel process very simple and delightful for the customers by providing companies with features likes addressing routine errors promptly, enhancing customer experience via personalization, and automating the entire booking process for customers and making it more efficient.



Before creating a bot for your travel website, you should determine what problems you want your chatbot to solve for your users. It could be searching destinations for travel or booking tickets and hotels or a complete travel package or a combination of all these. Once you know what you want your bot to do, it would be easier for you to segment your target audience.

Personalization is the key make your customers feel valued and important. Customize your bot as much as possible to provide your clients with a seamless and delightful customer experience. One way of doing this could be asking your customers relevant and contextual questions about their preferences regarding timings, flight preferences, wifi requirements, etc.

Make your bot intelligent and smart! It is always better when your bot is one step ahead of your customers and can anticipate and proactively respond to their queries and issues. Adding predictive text and asking your clients proactively about their choices and preferences would help you accelerate your revenue and user experience.

Don’t leave the customer hanging at any time! Not just that, don’t just abandon your customer as soon as the conversation ends. Ensure your bot rekindles the conversation with the user by asking them for feedback or perhaps showing them some images or videos. This will supplement your brand image and increase customer loyalty.


Help you help your customers plan a holiday end to end by providing an intuitive and intelligent interface.

Create a customized conversational strategy for you to enable you to have meaningful conversations which are tailored according to your target audience.

Offer ready-to-use templates with customizable UI and attractive drop and drag options with a variety of features like generating leads, capturing feedback, surveys and much more.

Facilitate 24*7 support by addressing client queries like reservations, bookings, payments etc.


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