Create Integrations

Here is a Step By Step Process after you have affiliated yourself with us , here is a simple guide of your way ahead before you deploy teedeee to your WebSite

Creating Integrations

Before you go on creating a Chatbot directly according to your needs , you need to create Integrations in orderto make your Teedee Functional , we provide three following types of integrations :

  • Slack

  • Jira

  • GMail

Follow these simple steps to create your own integration in just 30 seconds

  • Go to the Integrations Tab and then Press a button that looks like this ~

  • After which A dialog box appears , wherein there are two entries

    • Integration Type

    • Integration Name

  • Out of the available Select any one.

  • Gmail integration type

    Slack Integration type

    Jira Integration type


    Enter your Email_ID you want to integrate

    Generate the Slack channel Webhook and paste here

    Generate Jira channel Access key , and enter in the column

  • 5. Name your Integration and Click to end up with yuor own very first integration