All You Need to Know About a Lead Generation Bot

What does a lead generation chatbot service essentially do? It automates the process of identifying potential customers for your business, offering them relevant products and services, and fostering a more superior customer experience.

Lead Generation Chatbots Service offer companies a more personalized and effective way of user interactions. Unlike humans, chatbots generate leads for you 24-hour days which gives you an edge over your competitors.


Here are some key benefits you can achieve by deploying a lead generation bot in your website:

  • Chatbots offer a much quicker and better way of qualifying leads. Using a lead generation chatbot service, you can generate potential leads and funnel them to the sales team within seconds.

  • According to a recent study, nine out of ten people prefer talking to a chatbot over people. And hence, chatbots can accelerate the overall customer experience of your website by leaps and bounds.

  • Leveraging a chatbot for your website can also help you reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate by showing people various products and services you offer and keeping them engaged.

  • Using a chatbot, you can segment your audience more efficiently based on age, sex, demography, and much more. This can help you understand your potential customers better before moving them into the funnel.

How to create a Lead Generation Bot with TeeDee?

Don’t know where to start from? TeeDee has a vast range of features for you to customize your Lead Generation Chatbot according to your users

Here is a small guide for you to get started (make sure you have signed in and created a project for yourself on the dashboard):

Click on "+ Make New Bot” on the top right corner of your dashboard screen. This will give you a list of different types of chatbot service’s available to you.


Select Lead Generation Bot.

Click on “Create Chatbot Service”. By doing that, you will get a list of all the projects created by you.


Select the project from the list in which you want to embed the Lead Generation Bot and submit.