Lead Chatbot : Convert Visitors into Customers

How lead generation chatbot can help you convert your visitors into permanent customers.

Saumitra Jagdale

Created: June 17, 2020 - Updated: June 20, 2020

Lead generation is an important factor that all online websites and businesses should focus on. Without effective lead generation methods, the inflow of new potential customers can start to slow and take a slump, which affects revenue flow and the health of your business.

Efficiency Of Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead chatbots can be really effective when it comes to interacting with visitors on your online website. There might be a chatbot symbol button somewhere on the screen for the engagement or a chatbot iframe might pop up if a user visits a certain part of the website.

By portraying a visitor that you’re able to help them right then and there creates a great first impression and it might encourage them to start interacting with your business, hopefully leading to that visitor to become a permanent customer.

Why Lead Generation Is An Important Aspect Of Online Businesses:
  • Convert visitors into customers.

  • Generate new leads by collecting contact information.

  • Creating a strong first impression.

  • Contact information can be used to convey offers/discounts

  • Every conversation is an opportunity to convert ino deals.

Strategy For Lead Generation

When any visitor lands on the website it shows that they may be interested in the products or services of your business. The Lead chatbot greets them and starts the conversation by asking personal information in a human way. Once they provide their name, the bot thereafter addresses them by their name throughout the entire conversation making it feel personal and cultivating a relationship.

As the visitor moves forward, all the information collected is saved and stored. For instance when the visitor enters their name, phone number, email address,etc all the details are stored and sent to the dashboard of your chatbot along with the statistics.

The One Which Is Seen, Is The One Which Sells

Catching visitors’ attention might not be a problem when one has confidence on the quality of the services and products. But not many have the opportunity for the same because of the capable competitors who offer similar and better products, services and plans that capture potential users' attention. The one thing which not only captures attention but also collects information for lead generation is a lead chatbot.

Generally visitors are in a hurry to find products and services, sometimes they miss a product or a service they want in a huge website, hence a Lead Chatbot can guide a visitor by conversing about the products and services which the visitor wants, this increases the chance that visitor might exactly see what he/she wants. After all “The One Which Is Seen, Is The One Which Sells”