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Frequently Asked Questions

We use credits as a form of currency for use related to chatbots only. It’s easy to monitor credits than our regular money. For example: One entire interaction with a chatbot will cost you 1 credit or (0.04$ in USD $). So you can easily keep track of your credit expenditure. You can purchase these credits from any of our credit plans - prepaid or subscription.

We have credits, so 1 credit per uniquely session: 1 unique session is 24hrs period where a customer interacts. In an session, customer can have unlimited chats with the chatbot.

There is no expiration date for your credits. You can use them until they get exhausted. In case of a subscription plan, unused credits will be transferred to next month’s balance.

Credits will not be consumed per message. One entire valid conversation will consume 1 credit. And these conversations don’t include the one’s which are empty or when the user does not reply.

Sorry but that is NOT possible. Once you purchase any plan and buy our credits you cannot convert them back to cash.

You will be charged only for what you use. One entire conversation with your chatbot will cost you only 1 credit.

We accept payments through Razorpay for users in India and Paypal for International users.

You will purchase any prepaid credit plan and it has no expiration date. You can recharge again with the same or a different plan once all your credits get exhausted.

Credits will be transferred to your account on a monthly basis when you choose a subscription plan and unused credits will automatically be transferred to the next month’s balance. So you don’t have to recharge every time the credits get exhausted.

No. Once a payment is confirmed, the refund will NOT be given.

No. You don’t have to provide your card details at the time of free trial in fact we give you FREE 100 credits on sign-up. Card details will be required only when you decide to purchase any of our credit plans to continue using our services.No. Once a payment is confirmed, the refund will NOT be given.

You can print the receipt which will be generated on your screen as soon as you make a payment. We will also email you an invoice or receipt at the provided email address after each successful payment.

After your free trial expires, even though you will be able to see the dashboard, you can’t create any chatbots. But all your data remains as it is. To continue using our services you’ll have to purchase any of our credit plans- prepaid or subscription.

Per project you can have 5 active chatbots.

You can create 10 chatbots per project.

One active chatbot can have unlimited number of ongoing chats with users.

You can create 50 integrations from one account.

You can create a total of 25 projects from one account.


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