Create Project

Go To My Projects

Click on "My Projects" in your navigation bar which is present on the left side of your screen. Once you do that, “My Projects” page will appear on your screen containing all your existing projects.

Click Create New Project

Choose "Create New Project" option from the "My Projects" page.

Enter Details of New Project

A new form will pop up on the screen. Enter the details of your project in the form and submit. You will have to give the following information in the form:

Project Name

Upper entity under which you can create your chatbots

Project Website

URL of the website on which you want to integrate your chatbot

Monthly Credit

Limit on the amount of credits you want to spend on this project on monthly basis

Project Credit

Total amount of credits you want to spend on this project in its lifetime

Details of Project

Once you submit the form, your project is your created, you can see it on the "My Projects" page in the form of a tile. This tile shows you all the information regarding your project.

You can check all the design-related information by clicking on the right arrow button on the bottom right corner of the tile.

  • Font Details: font type and font size of the text.

  • Primary Colour: primary color code of the project.

  • Secondary Colour: secondary color of the project.