Redefine Support with AI-powered Bots

Support Chatbots are an effective way of delivering exceptional customer service on your CRM website majorly because they never get tired and can handle multiple interactions simultaneously. They enable businesses to assist their customers 24*7, thus accelerating the user experience by leaps and bounds.


It is no secret that conversational AI-powered chatbots have revolutionized support, but be that as it may, building a chatbot that complements your website can be tricky. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you start building a support chatbot for your business:

  • Before you start building a chatbot, it is helpful if you define your expectations from the bot. This will give you clarity about what features the bot has, what people it will cater to, what will be its name, and what its personality would be like, hence, it is less likely to fail.

  • Chatbots are supposed to make your work easier by delivering your customers a smooth customer experience. So, make sure they do that. Ensure your chatbot is bug-free and provides a seamless experience to clients. Another thing to ensure is that your chatbot is multilingual to talk to clients from all cultures and backgrounds without any issues.

  • Always remember the bot will speak to real people, which is why it is extremely important to make it conversational. Make sure that the flow of conversation of your chatbot doesn’t sound robotic. Start simple! Understand your audience’s pain points and don’t use jargon to communicate to your customers.

How to create a Support Bot with TeeDee?

Don’t know where to start from? TeeDee has a vast range of features for you to customize your Support Chatbot according to your users.

Here is a small guide for you to get started (make sure you have signed in and created a website for yourself on the dashboard):

Click on "+ Make New Bot” on the top right corner of your dashboard screen. This will give you a list of different types of chatbots available to you.


Select Support Bot.

Click on “Create Chatbot Service”. On doing that, you will get a list of all the website created by you.


Select the website from the list in which you want to embed the Support Bot and submit.